Giamaica Caffé from Spearhead

The coffee for your mind, body and soul

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Giamaica Caffé

Our mission is to share with you the taste and positive effects of Giamaica Caffé.

Roasted in a small laboratorio in Verona, using the original roasting machine from 1947 this coffee comes from the last coffee roaster in the world to roast beans with an open flame

The quality of Giamaica Caffé from Spearhead Coffee start with the place where the coffee is grown, the characteristics of the plantation and the location being carefully chosen. It continues with the way the beans are harvested, processed, selected, storage until roasting, choosing when to roast, the whole roasting process, attention and care for detail are applied throughout the whole process in order to keep using the secret passed down through generations, thus creating this unique tasting blend.

Our coffee will be loved by those who appreciate small joys and who understand that high quality has a price. In this case, the quality is given by a careful, unindustrialised process, not subject to mass production, a process in which human care is involved from planting the coffee to putting it into the bag.


Based on the principle that what passes through us, defines us, and is then reflected in the energy we emanate, how healthy our body feels with the food we eat, we discovered by consuming this coffee that it has no harmful effect (stomach aches, strange state of agitation) which is sometimes felt while consuming ordinary coffee, often obtained by chemical processes and created in mass production, without taking into account those details that make the difference.


A healthy body and a positive tone, given by the taste and effect of a high quality coffee, is implicitly reflected in our achievements, that's why Giamaica Caffé from Spearhead is the coffee for success and high performance.


We wish that you, when consuming Giamaica Caffé from Spearhead, to go to bed with enthusiasm, thinking that a new day is coming, to start your morning in a state of optimism, hope, self-confidence, maximum joy and to continue it during the day, aiming to reach your limits and overcome them, to put soul and high performance in everything you do.