The art of roasting

The dedication to perfection continues throughout the entire roasting process. The precise moment to roast is a prerequisite, ensuring that each batch is a masterpiece in itself. Roasting team handles each bean with the most care, guided by the closely guarded secrets passed down through generations.

Giamaica Caffé by Spearhead Coffee isn’t just a beverage;it’s an experience. Crafted for those who appreciate life’s small pleasures andquality above quantity. This is translated in the commitment to anunindustrialized process that rejects mass production. Human care and goodenergy is infused into every step, from planting the coffee to placing itlovingly into each bag.

Indulge in the essence of Giamaica Caffé and embark on asensory journey like no other. Allow us to share our passion for coffee thatenriches not only your palate but your mind, body, and soul. Taste thetradition, savor the legacy, and make every cup of Giamaica Caffé a moment worth cherishing.

About Giamaica Cafe

Giamaica Caffé, brought to you by Spearhead Coffee, is more than just a coffeeroster. Their coffees take us to extraordinary journey through flavor, tradition, and care. Explore whywe consider it the best coffee in the world as we take you through themeticulous process from bean to cup.

Place of origin

All Giamaica Caffé beans thrive in nutrient-rich soils ataltitudes exceeding 700 meters. These ideal conditions result in coffee beans that possess the unique qualities of trigonelline.
While not requiring excessive wind, the circulation of air among the coffee trees enriches the coffee’s characteristics.

Harvesting Excellence

Quality is paramount in our pursuit of excellence. Only perfectly mature coffee beans are selected for roasting. A premature coffee bean, when roasted, can contain aggressive caffeine levels that inducedis comfort and agitation.

Giamaica Caffé’s commitment to using carefully chosen, fully mature beans ensures a coffee you can enjoy in tranquility and pleasure.

Processing Coffee After Harvesting

We embrace traditional processing methods to bring out thebest in our coffee beans. Two typesof processing are used: dry natural and washed.

Dry natural

Once the harvesting process is completed, the beans are put on a clean surface for the fresh cherry to dry. After a complete drying process you can crack the dry fruit and extract the bean. In this process only the perfectly ripe fruits are selected.

Natural dried coffees have lower acid, and a more intensive and round smoothy impact in the mouth. Not so long in the aftertaste.


Washing process or fermentation has the advantage of perfectselection of the grades of maturity- a selection in the moment of the harvest –only the 100% dried fruits are harvested, by hand.

The process has a preselection, the fruits are sorted by the largeness (diameter) of the fruity components of the bean ; the washing process of the green beans it’s similar to a fermentation with microorganisms, which are making the skin of green beans removable, the beans with higher density sink, the ones with lower density float to the surface. The high density is linked to maturity, and this shows how the second type of selection of the riped bean happens.

The washing process can be repeated 2-3 times- for a perfect sorting. In the washing process there are build acids which give the coffee more structure and length for the moment of drinking it with more intensity and more body.

The washed coffees have higher acidity in a good sense theeffects being different flagrances and tastes of the coffee.


Beans are stored for 1-2 years from harvest to roasting,allowing them to reach their maximum quality potential.


Giamaica Caffé’s roasting process is a remarkable tale of tradition and flavor. Carrying forward the legacy of uncle Giovanni Erbisti,who began roasting coffee in 1947, the Frasi family, led by Giani Frassi, continued to use Erbisti’s original roasting machine, making them one of the last roasters in the world to use an open flame for roasting.

Now Simone Frasi, Giani’s son, upholds the familyphilosophy, favoring medium roasts to preserve the coffee’s subtlest aromas.

Great attention is paid to sourcing beans,ensuring that Giamaica Caffè offers top-quality coffee, favored by premium barsand Michelin-starred restaurants.


Every bag of beans undergoes a meticulous analysis process, considering the origin and cultivation of the coffee. Human touch and intuition play a significant role in determining when each batch is ready for roasting.While the aroma in green coffee is a possibility, roasting transforms that potential into reality, relying on 100% mature beans to uphold this philosophy.

At Giamaica Caffè roasting is closely monitored by people.They intervene 3 times in the roasting process.

The beans go through 6 temperature phases, from green to themoment they are perfectly roasted. During the roasting process, the coffeeincorporates heat inside, which begins to accumulate. At 190 degrees Celsiusthe coffee stops absorbing heat and begins to produce heat and energy itself,spreading heat from inside to outside until it reaches 250 degrees Celsius.

Like a supernova, the coffee bean accumulates heat and thenlets it come out.
If the roasting process it’s not ended at the right moment,just like a supernova, the coffee bean explodes.

Roasting process it’s not just about the incredible taste and aroma; it’s about a coffee that invigorates without compromise.

When you start with flawed green coffee, you’re destined fora brew tainted by those very imperfections, affecting both its flavor and yourstomach. Dark roasts are often a cloak for the deffects of the green bean.

Giamaica Caffè is all about medium roasts. No need to hidebehind smoke and mirror as their mission is to unlock the enigmatic potentialof pristine green coffee beans, creating a sensory experience like no other.

But here’s the magic: It’s not just about turning green into brown. It’s a mesmerizing chemical dance, a transformation that culminates in abrew that’s not just kind to your body but also a balm for your soul.

Taste and Effect

The coffee’s body is defined by the sensations it impartsafter consumption. Giamaica Caffé stands out with long-lasting and diverseflavor profiles, reflecting its high-quality rating.

Caffeine:Known for its stimulating effect.

ChlorogenicAcid: Possesses anticancer properties

Trigonelline:Offers relaxation for muscles and the stomach, contrasting the effects ofcaffeine.

Ultimately, Giamaica Caffé enhances your mood, accentuatingyour unique qualities.

As Simone Frasi wisely puts it, “In theend, good coffee only enhances the mood you have: too much coffee results inmore of who you are, giving more tone to your person’s colors.

Embrace theworld’s finest coffee, crafted with passion and dedication to awaken yoursenses and nourish your body and soul.

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