How it all began

In 2012, my husband Marius and I visited Munich to establish a partnership with a company that would become one of the best IT infrastructure and application monitoring solutions-Checkmk, for our IT services company Spearhead Systems. Solution owner Mattias Kettner introduced us to a very nice coffee shop in Munich -whose coffee had been and still is the driving force behind the development of Checkmk monitoring solution, a father and son business - Markus Daiser and Marinus Daiser who sold this wonderful imported coffee from Verona-Italy. On the other side, the roasters - father and son too, Giovanni Frassi and Simone Frassi have made a name for themselves by traveling around the world to choose a few select origins of coffee according to all the quality criteria known to professionals.

For many years we continued to order directly from our friends in Munich, with whom we developed a much closer relationship than with a merchant. They provided us with fuel to speed up our performance and we gladly shared it with our team in Spearhead Systems. All this time I have never said no to what we might call an origin coffee, roasted with quality. Without allowing myself to give names, because I don't want to denigrate the competition, I tried everything. Absolutely everything, all the products from all the roasters in Romania, not only from Bucharest but even from other cities in Romania. From all the newly open coffee shops that roasted their coffee, to online stores, etc. I know all the owners and characters in the world of coffee in Romania and I have collaborated with many of them. I'm not saying they're not good, tasty, but the total effect doesn't compare. Some, if you don't pay attention to the line and drink a little more, cause a state of agitation as if you want to jump on the ceiling (this has to do with the time when the bean is picked - namely that it has not reached maturity when it is roasted). Others made my stomach rumble in every way.

Absolutely everything I was trying would get me back to this wonderful coffee and made me appreciate it even more.

So I embarked on the journey that would explain to me the extraordinary conclusion I had reached - the coffees from the Giamaica Cafe, which I was ordering from our dear friends in Munich, were the best in the world. And I shouldn't keep this just for us and of course for the Spearhead Systems team with whom we've been enjoying this coffee since 2014, we had to do something to share this with all our partners in Romania, friends, family and anyone who loves and appreciate coffee like we do.

So I started by writing to Mr. Gianni Frasi himself to tell him about my love for their coffee and about the plans to have it in Romania as well. Mr. Frasi invited me to Verona in their Laboratory, in January 2019. Happy, I prepared the whole trip, which I was going to take accompanied by Marius, my husband, with whom I founded and grew Spearhead Systems, created a high perfromance romanian public cloud and with whome I will go now in this new adventure of what is spearhead cofee. Two weeks before the scheduled date, I wrote to the Laboratory again to confirm the meeting and received the sad news that Mr. Frasi was no longer with us. But his son Simone, who had now taken over his father's inheritance and had done his mentoring by working with him for many years, was waiting for us.

So, on the morning of January 22, 2019, we were heading to Labortore di Torefazione Giamaica Cafe. It was a sunny morning, but of course the January cold was in the air. We may not have been sure if we were heading in the right direction, but as soon as we entered the street, the smell of roasted coffee began to embrace us so that you no longer needed GPS to find the location. The building is a chic villa, with an image of warmth, people work as a family and in everything that is done you feel the human touch and involvement.
There we met Simone Frasi, who took us on a wonderful journey to understand why this coffee is extraordinary and the knowledge he shared with us, I am going to share with you.